Arkansas Bear Hunters Association


Henpecked: BEA you dragging Neil and chip out here with you? Mar 11, 2015 12:26:09 GMT -4
BEA: well im going out a week before for an antelope hunt Henpecked....I think kpr n Tuk are scared to fly alone....just saying Mar 12, 2015 10:27:02 GMT -4
kpr: Hey henpecked...this has all been hashed out on FB with Todd really should be on there looking out for your integrity/reputation..them guys are picking on you something awful...i tried to stand up for ya but..well... Mar 13, 2015 22:25:55 GMT -4
Henpecked: I heard todd bragging about bashing me.......Somethings are better left unseen Mar 16, 2015 13:50:52 GMT -4
Henpecked: Something about him or Neil braiding my back hair? ..................I shutter at the thought Mar 16, 2015 13:55:49 GMT -4
kpr: Braid it?? I think he said something about burning it or Tuk brushing it in the tent...not sure! Mar 20, 2015 21:48:04 GMT -4
Henpecked: Todds been out of work to long, he needs to find a job. Im not joining that facebook site youll have to stick up for me Mar 22, 2015 15:28:41 GMT -4
kpr: LOL....I'm not getting more involved than I have to but don't let him lead you astray,you can sign up there as Henpecked too,don't have to use your real name so there should be no connection to...most of it. Mar 23, 2015 6:05:57 GMT -4
BEA: he use to go by the name of henpecker....just say'n :-* Mar 24, 2015 14:54:52 GMT -4
BEA: O hate work road trips...just saying....but the Newfoundland folks almost make it worth....I could live here if the climate was better I think....I like the real estate prices... Mar 27, 2015 5:26:47 GMT -4
tuketu: Roger's on " Special Assignment" ... working on a Mail Order Bride catalog for Todd and Neil ! Mar 27, 2015 6:55:53 GMT -4
Henpecked: ...So he's down at the zoo? Mar 27, 2015 16:51:33 GMT -4 *
tuketu: LMAO ...Kah Pow ! Mar 27, 2015 17:50:28 GMT -4
BEA: u guys laugh.while i'm slaving away over here.....these 14 hr days @ xx time....just dont seem worth it...the limousine ride to the airport was enjoyable tho and tenderloins for breakfast kinda upset my stomach before 2nd breaky.dam pools closing Mar 27, 2015 17:54:05 GMT -4
tuketu: Pool ? Checking out the walruses for the catalog I suspect ! Mar 27, 2015 18:02:49 GMT -4
kpr: Mail order brides from NFLD??...jeesh man!!!..and who the heck wants a bride,this single stuff is awesome :) Mar 27, 2015 20:48:29 GMT -4
kpr: You two just stick with yer party outfits in tents...YIKES!! Mar 27, 2015 20:49:39 GMT -4
Henpecked: If your single Neil how come your not coming out this fall? Mar 28, 2015 11:36:53 GMT -4
kpr: I saw your outfits and other pics!!! I'm alright hangin out here lmao...kidding! I'm looking at buying a bike for getting around on,turkey hunting in Michigan next month...$$ might be tight but never say never, Mar 28, 2015 22:39:54 GMT -4
Henpecked: you only live once and your not getting any younger Mar 29, 2015 14:42:52 GMT -4