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kpr: garyns...sent you a pm,have to sign in to see it....anyone in contact with Gary plz let him know i am trying to contact him... Nov 4, 2014 7:36:35 GMT -4
tuketu: Has anyone heard of any updates on the Bass Pro and Cabela's openings in Moncton ? Can't find anything online . Nov 4, 2014 8:12:01 GMT -4
BEA: spring 2015 i hear, but i see some are saying earlier.... Nov 4, 2014 8:42:51 GMT -4
tuketu: That would be awesome ! There's a lot of stuff I want to get, but with the exchange at a 4 year low @ $0.87 and brokerage and duty fees , not worth it to mail order . Nov 4, 2014 13:25:54 GMT -4
pete: Tuk, that is so true right. Also, if they don't have it in the store you can order it and get it sent to the Moncton store with no shipping charge, then you just pick it up. My friend Ron lives in Moncton and he can pick orders up and bring it to the camp. Nov 4, 2014 14:26:45 GMT -4
tuketu: No worries there Pete . Certainly be worth the 3 hour drive, especially with both stores in town . Could turn into a Moncton sleepover. Or better yet an all night shopping spree ! Nov 4, 2014 22:21:25 GMT -4
BEA: :-X buck in my yard making scrape....and i'm at work...... >:D Nov 5, 2014 9:55:30 GMT -4
hairy_one: Roger..where is the directions/recipe for those Cracked Pepper n Garlic summer sausage you make. Want to try a batch and can't find the recipe. Thanks, Butch Nov 17, 2014 22:06:35 GMT -4
BEA: butch....its on the side of the mix i buy lol.....its made by high mtn....i usually get it at Princess Auto oddly enough.... Nov 18, 2014 13:33:12 GMT -4
hairy_one: :o And I was giving you credit for being an amazing chef!! Just another dream crushed!! Time to check out Princess Auto....for cooking supplies!!! ;) Nov 19, 2014 19:50:53 GMT -4
BEA: that'd be a mistake Hairy....given me credit lol Dec 5, 2014 8:29:06 GMT -4
BEA: All the best to everyone over the holidays and New Year! Dec 22, 2014 9:17:29 GMT -4
kpr: Merry Christmas to you and family too bud,and, all the Bearseast members that make this the best forum on the web!! Dec 24, 2014 7:51:51 GMT -4
tuketu: Hey Butch ...You get the PM I sent you ? Dec 28, 2014 7:21:37 GMT -4
BOUNTYHUNTERS: Wishing EVERYONE A Very Safe & Fun Filled New Years Eve Evening Dec 31, 2014 19:07:50 GMT -4
BOUNTYHUNTERS: HOLY MOLY......I just noticed that we started posting here.....WAY BACK in 2004....WOW..WHERE DOD THOSE YEARS GO ;) Dec 31, 2014 19:13:47 GMT -4
BOUNTYHUNTERS: .....Rosemary :( Dec 31, 2014 19:14:05 GMT -4
tuketu: Hey Sweet Cheeks ! Great to see you back ! Hoping to hear more from you this year ! All the best to you both in 2015 ! ... chip Jan 1, 2015 6:33:04 GMT -4 *
BOUNTYHUNTERS: SWEET CHEEKS???? hehehehehe...YOU Must Mean Larry ;)......Thanks For The Warm Wishes Back Chip....YOU Sweet Talker.......Rosemary :( Jan 4, 2015 5:45:36 GMT -4
tuketu: Don't know what it is with my Windows 7 , but I just can't seem to do that ... SC ! I wanted to do a collage of the different bears we had last fall . I'll keep at it ! May have to download Picasso or something....Chip Feb 5, 2015 19:42:22 GMT -4 *